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The history of our family-run company began in the 1980s thanks to the founder - progenitor of the Giagnori family, surveyor Ersilio Giagnori. The company has always stood out for its seriousness and consistency in the world of both public and private construction.

Experience and perseverance have led to constant professional growth over time. The collaboration with technical and architectural firms allows us to assist the client in the initial project phase and timely processing of the paperwork.

Why choose us

With over 30 years' experience in the construction industry, we are sure to offer you the best service.

 Civil and industrial design and construction
 Environmental design and energy certification
 Project management, accounting, testing and surveys
 Safety in the design and execution phase
 Interior design
 Urban design
 Restoration, renovation
 Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
 Redevelopment and building renovation
 School, health and sports facilities
 Hotel construction
 Road works

Thanks to our state-of-the-art means and equipment, as well as an adequate number of workers, we can guarantee maximum speed of work, without neglecting quality and perfection, which are fundamental points of our company ethics.


In addition to the customers, we also care about the planet. We minimize water and energy wastage on our sites, invest in low-carbon vehicles and follow green building guidelines.


In light of the high demand for all-round property management projects, the company has provided a team of technicians capable of operating in the management and coordination of project initiatives.

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